This is 22 acres of federal land managed by Housing and Urban Development. There are currently 478 residential units for low and very low income housing. The average annual income per household is about $25,000.

The plan is to replace this World War II housing and better integrate the community whit the rest of San Pedro. There will be market rate units along with an increase in the number of affordable units for workforce housing.

The proposed plan will have nearly 1,600 units replacing the original 478 with the following possible breakdown:

Housing Units*

  • 478 – RSP Replacement Housing
  • 558 – New Affordable Rental Units
  • 132 – New Affordable Home Ownership Units
  • 416 – New Market Rate Rental Housing
  • 42 – New Market Rate Home Ownership Units

All of these number sill change with the final plan. This is just the original proposal.

The plan includes efforts to reduce the impact of relocating the existing residents including possibly building the first building in a vacant space, moving folks out of the first building, demolishing that one and then playing a game of leapfrog until they have created enough new units to house all of the remaining residents. There are no plans to remove folks from their homes without having a suitable replacement prepared for them.

Also, where available, there are plans to help residents, who are able, become part of the process from paid positions in community outreach to possible construction and apprenticeship jobs.

Below is the original presentation from the One San Pedro team who won the bid to develop the site. There will be updates once their final design is prepared and they are ready to share with the community.


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